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Psionic PSNDL Selected for Axiom Station Docking Safety and Precision

February 9, 2022

New reduced SWaP PSNDL adds scanning for RPO navigation

HAMPTON, VA, February 09, 2022—Psionic today announced its Psionic Space Navigation Doppler Lidar (PSNDL) has been selected by human spaceflight and space infrastructure leader Axiom Space for safe, precise docking in space. Axiom will use the PSNDL as part of its space station module currently under construction, which will serve as the core of Axiom Station – the world’s first commercial space station, offering quarters for astronauts and a platform for research, product development, and manufacturing.

“Our work over the last two years to reduce NDL size, weight, and power led to the new PSNDL,” according to Steve Sandford, founder and CTO of Psionic. “The addition of scanning to provide accurate pose navigation measurements creates a solution that’s ideal for Axiom RPO Conops and the modules that they’re building. It’s a very exciting project and we look forward to working closely with Axiom on their first module and many more to come.”

Psionic, NASA’s licensee for the underlying patents for NDL, has made numerous improvements to lower SWaP and has added scanning for target location and proximity operations required for safe, precise docking in space.

Axiom was selected by NASA in 2020 to attach at least one habitable commercial module for the International Space Station (ISS). The company plans to launch a total of five modules over the next five years, with the first already in development and planned for a late 2024 launch and integration to the ISS.

Once completed on orbit, Axiom Station will ultimately separate and become a free-flying space station serving as the ISS’s commercial successor.

“Psionic’s PSNDL is a capability that will significantly enhance our rendezvous navigation solution,” Axiom Chief Technology Officer Matt Ondler said. “It is also another great example of commercial space taking NASA technology and maturing it for the new space economy.”

About Psionic

Psionic Doppler Lidar provides advanced precision navigation for Space exploration and Defense applications in the most challenging environments. The company, based in Hampton, Virginia, was founded in 2016 by the engineers and scientists who worked on Doppler Lidar at NASA for more than a decade.

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